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Facilities Operations


Recycling at Florida Tech

With increasing pressure on our natural resources, college campuses across the nation have come to play an important role in environmental stewardship. Everyone is impacted by changes to the environment even if those effects cannot be viewed visibly or immediately. Since we live on the Earth, the state of our planet affects us all even when the impacts are hidden. The good news is there are plenty of positive actions individuals can perform to help protect and preserve the natural ecology of our planet. 

Living in a campus environment, such as Florida Tech’s, tends to separate the individual from the “real world.” The campus is its own little community and it is easy to forget that the things we do and the decisions we make while we are here still have consequences on the natural environment and the rest of the world. However, there are many simple measures students, faculty and staff can perform to help Florida Tech conserve energy, water and other resources, to become more efficient and eco-friendly, and lessen the ecological footprint of our University.

This handout, while primarily geared towards our recycling program, was created to help foster environmental awareness, as well as to describe our recycling program on the Florida Tech campus. By making some small changes to our lifestyles and habits, we can demonstrate that being more environmentally conscious can make a difference and that these principles can be easily interwoven into our lives.