Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations

Construction Alerts

Central Energy Plant power outage on Sunday, September 16

On Sunday, September 16, Florida Power & Light, in conjunction with Facilities Operations will be disconnecting power to make electrical repairs at the Central Energy Plant. The electrical contractor anticipates the repair to take place from 7:00 AM until 12:00 PM.  The Link Building and Shephard Building will be without power during the outage.  Please take necessary precautions during the outage.

Be advised that while the Central Energy Plant is without power warmer interior building temperatures will be experienced at the following locations:


Keuper Administration

Student Union Building

Ruth Funk Museum

Evans Library

Gleason Center for Performing Arts & WFIT

Crawford Building

George M. Skurla  Building

Clemente Center

Panther Aquatic Center

Panther Dining Hall

Link Building

Shephard Building

 The service drive behind Gleason Auditorium and Link Building has been closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ENTERING THE WORK ZONE FOR YOUR SAFETY AND AS TO NOT SLOW THE CONTRACTOR DOWN FROM MAKING THE REPAIR.



Evans Library – Roof Replacement - Monday, September 17

Facilities Operations has coordinated and scheduled the roof replacement of Evans Library. The contractor will begin work on Monday, September 17, and anticipates completion by Friday, October 19, 2018.  The service road behind Link Building, Science Circle, will be closed to thru traffic during this time and only opened for deliveries and Waste Management to service for trash and recycling.

 Please take note of the sketch below for pedestrian traffic.  Please be aware of all barriers and barricades and we ask that you use caution while near the construction area.


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