Recycling at Florida Tech

How to Recycle at Florida Tech


Single-Stream Recycling -

This includes all paper, plastics, metal/aluminum, and all glass and can be co-mingled in our blue recycling containers and dumpsters.  The only limit is the size and weight of the object. 






Campus-Wide:  To do your part, look for the blue recycling containers with the International Recycling Logo and Toss It In!

In the Dorms: Collect as above (re-use your plastic grocery bags!) and bring to one of our conveniently located blue recycling dumpsters.

(For bulky or heavy items, please contact the Facilities Operations Dept. at 321-674-8038 to make arrangements for pick-up. Please do not put heavy items in the dumpsters.)

 Please use care and place your trash and recyclables in the proper containers!  Just a minor amount of the “No” items can cause the whole truck load of recyclables to be re-routed to the County Landfill!!!


Recycling Other Materials

 Florida Tech has made arrangements with local Recyclers to handle the following items.  Please take note of the various materials and recycling locations and help us in our effort to make this program a success.  Show your concern for the environment! Laboratory Waste:


Aerosol Cans:

If you can “eat it or wear it” please make sure it is empty and deposit in the Single-Stream Recycling Containers.  For all other Aerosol Cans – these are considered Hazardous Waste - please bring to the East end of the Engineering Machine Shop (Building #538). Please deposit in the brown “Aerosol Cans Only” drop box from where will be depleted and recycled accordingly.


Batteries (Lithium, Alkaline, Magnesium, Mercury, Nickel Cadmium, Lead Acid): 

Considered Hazardous Waste, we have established a single location on Campus at the East end of the Engineering Machine Shop (Building #538).  Please bring your used batteries there.  Look for the green “Batteries Only” drop box and deposit inside. 


Books (Both Hard Cover & Soft Cover):

Look for the “Greener Earth Books” bins located in the Student Union Building (SUB) Lobby and on the Loading Dock at the Olin Physical Science Building.


Car (and Boat) Batteries, Tires and Used Motor Oil:

Deliver to Transportation Services (Bldg 920, ARL Rm 174) or call 321-674-7194 to make arrangements for pick-up.



There are currently two locations on campus where we have East Coast Recycling Cardboard Recycling Containers.  Please bring your cardboard to the North side of Evans Dining Hall or the rear of the Student Union Building (SUB) for recycling of your cardboard items. 


Computers (Personal Computers, Monitors & Printers):

Personal Computers & Monitors should be brought to Bldg. 540, Property Administration (Shipping & Receiving) between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.  For all Florida Tech owned/issued items, please contact IT (321-674-7999) for proper decommissioning and recycling. 


Electronic Equipment:

CD & DVD Players, Cell Phones*, Stereo Equipment, TV’s, I Pods, Clocks, Radios, etc.  Please take to Bldg. 540, Property Administration (Shipping & Receiving) between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm



We now have in place systems for the recycling of contaminated metals and laboratory glass.  If any laboratories have recycling questions or issues they should contact the Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Department (ERC) via email at .



Furniture/Clothing/Small Appliances (working):


Florida Tech has made arrangements with local Charities to provide pick-up at the end of Semester move-out.  These include Goodwill Industries (321-953-8090), the Salvation Army (321-242-8394), and the South Brevard Sharing Center (321-727-8581).  For other times of the year, we encourage you to contact them to arrange for pick-up (larger items) or to bring the items directly to their location or local drop-off boxes.


For additional information or to arrange for large items or items not listed above to be picked up for recycling, please contact Rob Ghiotto in Facilities Operations 321-674-8038.  For materials that you are unsure of (such as in unlabelled containers), please contact the Florida Tech Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Department (ERC) via email at